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  • Getting away for a weekend trip up north was exactly what I needed.
  • I’ve never gone camping/backpacking with other people before. It comes with its own set of unique challenges. Coolers are not trail friendly.
  • The speed limit in the Upper Peninsula is way too low for such an expansive place.
  • I basically wore the same set of clothes the entire weekend despite bringing spare clothes. I was actually okay with that. Roughing it.
  • My body shuts down when I’m out in the wilderness. I didn’t feel a need to poop despite the amount of food I was taking in.
  • Sand dunes are way harder to walk up than I would imagine.
  • Getting sand in my new camera was an upsetting experience. I’m still really distraught about this.
  • It doesn’t get any better than laying out on a beach and stargazing; except maybe seeing the Aurora Borealis.
  • Jumping into Lake Superior around this time can be incredibly refreshing (and ice cold!) until you notice the deer carcass floating in the water next to you.
  • I will never get tired of visiting Pictured Rocks.